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Southern Wisconsin Page

   The Merrimac Ferry on the Wisconsin River at Lake Wisconsin

   If you have never been to the Merrimac Ferry, you can't really claim to be from Southern Wisconsin. Photo by Bob Keith

   Gilbraltor Park - the overlook from the cliff is rather rare for Southern Wisconsin and its rolling hill farmland -

   Gilbraltor Park just down Highway 113 from the Merrimac Ferry is another consummate Southern Wisconsin landmark.  Yet it still seems to remain an off the beaten path place.  The more popular Devil's Lake, Dells, and Baraboo areas are just up the road. People often seem to just pass on by the county park.  The ambitious hike up the steep slope to the top, and the non-existent facilities  may also hold back the hordes of visitors.  But that is actually why some of us like it so much. Photo by Bob Keith.

   The venerable Gus' Pizza Palace in Whitewater, Wisconsin


You can't judge a book by its cover. This place was around in the 1960s before all the pizza chains. The picture window with the guys spinning the dough used to be a novelty before the days of the big pizza chains.  It has survived the proliferation of a half dozen pizza joints in the college town of Whitewater with its 10,000 students and 2000 town's people.  Many pizza places have come and gone, and for sure a ton of students have done there best to wear the place out. But on Gus' lives. One caveat - don't put the box on your car seat if you get some to go. The grease floats on top of the pizza and else where.  You might be tempted to not go back for a while after a good dose of pepperoni, but out of no where you will get need to have a Gus' Pizza fix, and you will find yourself running over there at the oddest times.  Photos by Bob Keith


   The Walworth County Fair is one of the best in Wisconsin


   The Walworth County Fair seems to have more food variety and abundance per capita for its size than other county fairs around these parts.  There are booster club food tents, church tents, vendors, clubs, associations, and groups all serving up the grub. The picture above is of the Delavan Lion's Club sweet corn tent.  Photo by Bob Keith

   Michael Feldman's Whad'ya Know? live radio show - www.notmuch.com


   The live radio show is a well kept Southern Wisconsin treasure.  The two hour eclectic show is broadcast live from Madison's Monona Terrace from 10:00 a.m to Noon Central Time on most Saturday mornings. It is heard on many public radio stations all over the nation and I suspect over seas as well.  This picture was taken at the annual audience Christmas party.  People brought a dish to pass and helped themselves while the show is on live.  Check out the Web site at www.notmuch.com.

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