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New Norm America

   We have new obfuscations coming from the collective noise of media, the two miserable political parties, culture, and society at large regarding this "Great Recession" of 2007-08-09-10, and soon to be 2011. The innuendo is, we are on the precipice of a "new norm." 
   This is a new-speak offering apparently meant to sound economically reassuring. The "collective noise" prattles, "Good news is'a com'n, the boom days are just around the corner...just hang on a little longer."  While us rabble lives an entirely different reality of economic hell.  
   I however, interpret the "new norm", as more of the same economic shit as the last five years, but worse: No pay increases in the foreseeable future (assuming you are lucky enough to even have a job any more); less work hours; non-benefit; minimum wage; seven day a week work week at four hours a day wrecking the whole week for 28 hours of pay; and finally, relentlessly buying Chinese junk products probably for the rest of our lives. 
   Until America and Wisconsin come up with new products to manufacture like has happened in so many other decades of change, this "new normal" of economic bottom feeding is here for a long, long time. And, even if we do reinvent ourselves with a new miracle product for the world...the Chinese will most likely steal it and manufacture it a a fraction of the cost we could build it. 
- Bob Keith, December 18, 2009 -

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