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Movie Reviews

                  The Movie Page is new and a work in progress

                                             Bob in the best bar in Savannekut, Laos - July 2006

A few favorite movies

      Movie List

     Movies are listed as they were reviewed, in lieu of alphabetical order - latest review is at the top of list. 

    Click on the movie for a humble review.

    Fish Fry Night Milwaukee. Documentary. Director Ron Faiola. Narrator - Dewey Gill. Subject - various fish frys in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Push Button Gadget Inc., 2009.

    Close to Home. Motion Picture. Director - Vardi Bilu and Dalia Hagar. Performers - Smadar Sayar, Naama Schendar, and Irit Suki. Transfax Film Productions, 2005.  

    Turtles Can Fly. Motion Picture. Director - Bahman Ghobadi. Performers - Soran Ebrahim, Avaz Latif, Hiresh Feysal Rahman, Saddam Hossein Faysel, Ajil Zibari, and, Abdol Rahman Karmin. Mij Film Company, Bac Films, 2004.  

    The Tiger and the Snow. Motion Picture. Director - Roberto Benigni. Performers - Jean Reno and Nicoletta Braschi. Melampo Cinematografica, 2005. 

    Armadillo. Documentary. Director - Janus Metz Pedersen. Documentary. Subject - Danish Army unit, Afghanistan. Fridthjof Film, 2010.

    Westbound: The Journey of a Lifetime. Documentary. Director - Jim Rivett. Main Interviewee - Adolf Vandertie. Subject - hobo culture, wood carving. Arketype, 2009.

The Russian Cowboy. Motion Picture. Director - Mark Laty. Performers - Lynn Bandoria, Doug C, Lorraine Fusare Fusare, Mark Laty, and Derrick Springfield. America Onfilm Productions, 2010.



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