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                   Fate Fairies

 - This page is dedicated to those moments in life you realize could have been life changing - for better or worse they were "dates with fate" 

      These Fate Fairy vignettes are all in the process of being transferred to BlogSpot, and WordPress. There has been a problem with the original GoDaddy postings. Thank you for visiting this humble book in progress.

    Do you have fate fairies? They are mythical little creatures that meddle in your life; they are most likely the emissaries of what ever god you bring with you. 

 Click on the link below to see the original vignettes about some close calls and moments that have caused reflection on..., life. The link does not list the stories in chronological order in regards to time.  

  Dates with fate

 The below links are original vignettes from the above link and are placed in chronological order with the oldest event listed first.  All the orignal vignettes are being prepared for the book, "Fate Fairies." Click on the accompanying green "Book" link to see the edited book version of the original vignette (chapter). 

 The E3 designation identifies chapters edited a third time.

 Semi vs old four-door Ford          Book          WordPress backup    E3

 Pipe in the stomach; "Walk it off punk!"          Book        WordPress backup   E3

 Duck and cover          Book       WordPress backup   E3

 Crying 16-year-old Buick-girl vs old four-door Ford          Book E3

 "Remember Bub, you only have one set of arms and legs"          Book E3

 The Molotov incident          Book E3

 The farm kitties          Book E3

 A chance to play football; the sandlot 1966-'68          Book E3

 A chance to play football; the wait 1968-'70          Book E3

 A chance to play football; Early high school gridiron 1970-'72          Book E3

 Helmet in the spine          Book E3

 Missed Freshman basketball roster day          Book E3

 A chance to play football; the big time; the Junior year 1972-'73          Book E3

 Fairlane vs milk truck          Book E3
 A chance to play football; the opportunity; the Senior year 1973-'74          Book E3

 Keep your eyes on the road, "fool!"          Book E3

 A chance to play football; the big time; the Senior year 1973-'74          Book E3
 Important celebrities like us fellers don't do interviews          Book E3

 Almost worked for "Heff"          Book E3

 The Decision          Book E3

 Should have died in Dugger, Indiana          Book E3
 "Fuck you, New Guy!"          Book

 The Archer affair; Sunshine the car          Book E3

 Sergeant Baker blew himself up          Book E3

 Septicemia via shrapnel from the range          Book

 Sergeant Bob? No "Sergeant Jack" 25          Book

 Too important to have a beer with an Army buddy          Book

 "Thanks Frank, I could'a spent a while in jail"          Book

 Thoughtful job tips thoughtlessly ignored          Book

 Motorcycle bee sting: "Go away come back later"          Book

 School bus wreck          Book

 Two seconds from "depraved indifference"          Book

 "Haul to Pennsylvania....now!"          Book

 Damn near killed in Columbus          Book

 Humping cement; Should have stopped to see Kapps; "Hello Bob," "Lieutenant Jay, in the middle of Nebraska?"          Book

 Asleep at the motorcycle wheel; zapped by lightning          Book

 "The bird" almost cost me my ass          Book

 "I can throw you out of here with one finger"          Book

 New Year's - January 1st, 1981          Book

 Missed the reenlistment bus          Book

 Consummate motorcycle wreck          Book

 Honeymoon in the VA          Book

 Texas          Book

 Knife on the family jewels          Book

 Graveyard epiphany          Book

 Who killed the grass on the "Grassy Knoll"?          Book

 Arlee stopped by one day, died the next          Book

 Fuck those trees and fuck you too          Book 

 Part the Mixmaster like Moses          Book

 Meningitis          Book

 Blood Clots 50          Book

 Lost Rings          Book

 Could have been in Saudi          Book
 Jammed up in Joplin          Book

 Bug-eyes in the Tire Truck          Book

 Rear-ended by the one armed man who was rearended by teeny-bopper chick         Book

 A few last job interviews....from the gates of hell - missed State opportunities        Book

 Study hall epiphany          Book

 "I could use a man like you"          Book

 "Wanna load beer?" - A day late - two years short          Book      

 Nursing home epiphany          Book

 "Can't you call someone?" - no phones in Intensive Care          Book

 Early set back in nursing; 180 "degree" turn; word of my Best Man          Book

 New service member for a day          Book

 "High diddle diddle, the cat played the fiddle, [the deer jumped over the Metro]"         Book

 A year in a wheelchair          Book

 Checkbook on the shopping cart          Book

 Lawyers, judges, crooks, and cops          Book

 Make a decision, or others will; "Where's God?"; Whoosh          Book

 A-fib rears its ugly head after five years          Book

 The mother of all thrombosis - "Tough it out, you just have the flu"          Book

 Last official day of lifeguard work September 11, 2001          Book

 Almost killed by Little Beanie the "Tiny-tiger"          Book

 Nuanced intern tips ignored          Book

 Hot sun, Harley ride, heart arrhythmia, "Feewe'n whucky today?"          Book

 Landing in Saigon          Book

 "Where's Cambodia?" "You're in Campuchia, you stupid men!"           Book

 The chicken and contraband bus across Laos 75        Book

 "Over the rail, you old fuck'n bastard!"          Book

 Hanoi, "Many tricks," in 'Nam, "And don't say, 'Nam!"          Book

 Iraq - life-changing project          Book

 One rubber-stamp date away from Third World prison         Book

 Oneway street into Kurdish machine guns - taxi dude ...., "Idiot"          Book

 Never shot at once, but still bleeding to death in Iraq          Book

 Discretion and cat valor: The feral among us           Book

 Asleep in Munich          Book 

 Shoot out with the Kurds           Book

 Lost in Mosul looking for the temple of Lalish          Book

 "Syria good, Syria very good!"          Book

 A run for County Board - "Thank your gods I lost"          Book

 "I wanna braid your hair, Mister"         Book

 Killed and brought back to life yet again          Book

 Front end fell off the Metro on I-90          Book

 The only kid is the oldest kid by default          Book

 Kids - conspicuously absent         Book

 The beneficiary of "luck," but, also modern medicine          Book

 Relearning what is really important - from a three-legged kitty 96          Book

                                                          (vignettes and book under construction - in progress)

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