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                   Church Dinners

 - God's flock is more often than not, usually pretty good at putting the eats together. This page is dedicated to some of those good church dinners that come around every spring and fall of the year.  

    It's church dinner season - there's two versions really - usually one in the fall and another in the spring of the year. It is that time on the calendar that many churches sport an annual dinner of some sort.  The Dadio endeavors to hit them all.   The themes of these eats presentations are generally the same - family style seating (ten to twelve people to a table), often all-you-can-eat, lots of homemade treats, and most of the church folks chip in and volunteer to help.  They usually put the kids to work to get them some experience in social skills...and to help with the busy work. 

    To keep up with all these events, you've got to keep your head up, your ears to the ground, and your eyes...on the "Food and Drink" section of your local paper.  Or, do a noun/verb search for your local church dinners on "Google."   These events are often on a weeknight.  And, they are often just a couple hours once or twice a year.  So...you snooze - you lose. 

    These church events are a pleasant and cultural departure from the cruel world of taverns, greasy spoons, contrived chain-food restaurants, and fast food joints.   

    I keep trying to convert my young work colleagues to the church dinner rubric. But, the Dadio is old now; and, with the bad economy preoccupying our lives, and all the techno distractions of the world we live in, the emerging generation are hard converts.  One has to argue one's case with a more cleaver rhetoric. Here's a couple anecdotes:

    "Get off your butts and partake of some inexpensive homemade eats before that inevitable someday when you have one foot in the heart clinic and the other in the nursing home.  

    Put down the video game controls; set down the cell phone; pull the ipod ear plug out of your...ear; step back from the computer; put down the chips and Mcburgers; and, pop in to one of Jesus' annual dinners.  If nothing else, it will clean out your pipes from all the months of fast food punishment your body has endured.  

    If your a bit older than my young co-workers, perhaps while you can still get out of your favorite easy-chair you might consider putting down the tv remote and the 16 ounce beer. Once upright head out to one of these good meals before your daily intake someday consists mostly of applesauce spooned off you're chin by a pretty nurse who you can no longer recognize as...pretty."
                        - B. Keith, 2010 -  

    Click the link below to visit the Daily Dadio blog "Church Dinner" category page to read about some of these often overlooked good eats. 

Church Dinners 

    Or, click on the individual church links below to go immediately to that review.  The churches are in Wisconsin unless otherwise noted. The church most recently visited is always on the top of the list.  

    Saint Bernard's Catholic Church - Watertown - (spring / Easter)

    Saint Michael Catholic Church - Dane (winter months)

    Saint Joseph Catholic Parish - Baraboo (winter months)

    Immaculate Heart of Mary School - Monona - Fish Fry (winter months)

    Seventh Day Baptist Church - Milton - Turkey Supper (Nov 2011)

    Lutheran Church - Orfordville - Norwegian Dinner (Oct 2011)

    Community Church - Lake Como (Lake Geneva) - Turkey Dinner (Oct 2011)

    United Methodist Church - Sharon - Turkey Dinner (Oct 2011)

    Our Lady of Assumption Catholic Church - Beloit - Fish Fry (winter months)

    Saint Stephen's Catholic Church - Clinton - Pork Chop Dinner (Sept 2011)

    United Methodist Church - Delavan - Harvest Dinner (Sept 2011)

    La Grange United Methodist Church - Walworth County Fair (Sept 2011)

    Sugar Creek Lutheran Church - Walworth County Fair (Sept 2011)

    Saint Augustine Catholic Church - Footville - Fall Buffet Dinner (Sept 2011)

    Saint Theresa's Catholic Church - Eagle - Friday Night Fish Fry (winter months)

    North Lima Presbyterian Church - Lima Center - Beef Dinner (April 2011)

    Saint Mary Catholic Church - Milton - Friday Fish Fry (April 2011)

    Saint William Catholic Church - Janesville - Benefit Breakfast (April 2011) 

    Saint William Chatholic Church - Janesville - Chili Dinner (Feb 2011)

    Cooksville Lutheran Church - Cooksville - Harvest Dinner (Nov 2010)

    Afton Community Church - Afton - Smorgasborg Dinner (Nov 2010)

    Mt. Zion United Methodist Church - Janesville - Harvest Pork Chop Dinner (Oct 2010)

    Saint Mary Catholic Church - Milton - Roast Pork Dinner (Oct 2010)

    Saint John Lutheran Church - Edgerton - Fall Bazaar (Oct 2010)

    Saint Peter's Lutheran Church - Janesville - Fall Food Fest, Bazaar, Lefse (Oct 2010)

    First United Methodist Church - Whitewater - UW-W Ministry Lunch (Fall 2010)

    Faith Lutheran Church - Janesville - Scandinavian Dinner (Oct 2010)

    Saint Paul Lutheran Church - Janesville - Fall Dinner (Sept 2010)

    Hope Lutheran Church - Milton - Pig Roast (Sept 2010)

    Triune Lutheran Church - Sharon - Turkey Dinner (Sept 2010) 
    Lake Geneva Methodist Church - Walworth County Fair - Church Dinner (2010)

    Saint Paul Lutheran ChurchJanesville - Brat Fest (June 2010)

    North Lima Presbyterian Church - Lima Center - Beef Dinner (April 2010)

    Saint John's Lutheran Church - Edgerton - Friday Fish Fry (March 2010)

    Saint Patrick's Congregational School - Janesville, Friday Fish Fry (winter months)

    Saint Peter's Parish - Ashton - Friday Night Fish Fry (winter months)


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