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  Blue-collar new norm America: Dadio's 
  handy manual to break workers' spirit...,

                                           a first hand instruction guide

  Intro     WordPress backup

  The shitty work schedule culture     WordPress backup

  The Rule of 168     WordPress backup

  Cutthroat Networking   WordPress backup

  Institutionalized part-time work culture    WordPress backup

  McDonalization of the work force equals..., McJobs      WordPress backup

  Temporary workers by systemic coercion     WordPress backup
  A long forgotten principle alive and well in the new norm work place

  Cast old workers aside

  Deconstruct workers' social class

  Obfuscate responsibility of leadership

  Redact knowledge from workers; and, you spirit away their power

  Embrace "reactive" management; while, undermining "proactive" instincts 

  Keep'm stand'n     WordPress backup
  Take away workers' simplest of pleasures      WordPress backup

  Manage workers in the "Seventh Grade" rubric

  Keep the workers' wages low

  Waste workers' talents en masse

  Render workers' education useless

  Workers must be made enemies of the State

  Run off talented workers

  Restrict workers' freedom of movement

  Break all labor and well-being promises made by previous authority

  Make old part-time template the standard for the new norm

  Inculture a new norm of a lifetime of futile labor

  Consign Human Resource Departments to validate new norm strategies  

 Chapters under construction - added as completed

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